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What is TMENA

TMENA concentrates on economic and social issues in Middle-East and North-Africa countries.
The project investigate quantitative economic modeling approaches of the major changes in Mediterranean societies that have taken place in the last half century. The investigation is organized around four crucial transitions: demographic, economic, social and political.

Face to the multiple and accelerated transformations of MENA societies, social sciences can only provide partial and limited explanatory framework yet. Little understanding of the determinants and interactions of these transitions is currently available.
Our aim is to fill this knowledge gap by availing of state-of-the-art theoretical and empirical scientific advances, designed and implemented by top-level researchers within the framework of the project.
In the current volatile political context of the Arab spring, better understanding of these joint phenomena are urgently needed so as to provide to decision-makers efficient and timely guidelines and recommendations for actions and policies.

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  • Oct 2015
  • April 2016
  • May 2016
  • Oct 15, 2015
  • Aix en Provence, France

3rd TMENA Meetings

Christophe Muller, GREQAM and AMSE Social shock sharing and stochastic ...

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  • Apr 29, 2016
  • Hamamet, Tunisia

4th TMENA Meeting

A large set of high level contributions was presented at ...

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  • May 02, 2016
  • Hamamet, Tunisia

International Forum of Realities

In order to bridge the gap between researchers and policy ...

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  • May 02, 2016
  • Hamamet, Tunisia

Conference of the ONFP on fertility issues

In addition, some project members were invited to communicate at ...

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The TMENA Team Bring together Economic and social Researchers from MENA and European Countries

Christophe Muller

PhD Economics & TMENA project Leader

Professor of economics and statistics at the University of Aix-Marseille in France


Raouf Boucekkine

Enseignant Chercheur

Professeur des universités Aix-Marseille Université Faculté d’Économie et de Gestion (FEG) FRANCE

Salehzadeh-Nobari, Kaveh

Phd Student at Durham University


Abderrahim Taamouti

Professor in Economics, MSc Economics & Finance Deputy

Programme Director in the Durham University UNITED KINGDOM

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News & Publication

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Transborder Ethnic Kin and Regional Prosperity : Evidence from Night-Time Light Intensity in Africa (Update)

Christophe Muller on 30 Mar, 2018

Updated version 30th March 2018 Authors : Christophe Muller and Pierre Pecher This study investigates the consequences of cross-border ethnic linkages ...

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State Capacity 10

Social Policies and State Capacity: Evidence from Developing Countries

Christophe Muller on 30 Oct, 2017

Authors : Christophe Muller and Marina Dodlova. Abstract : Poor countries remain poor. This paper explores one reason of such a vicious ...

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Egyptian Women hold the cash transfer cards.

Social Transfers and Conditionalities under Different Regime Types

Christophe Muller on 30 Oct, 2017

Authors : Marina Dodlova, Anna Giolbas and Jann Lay. This paper examines the implications of political factors for social policy choices. Specifically, we ...

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